About MK

I have been making costumes for skaters since 1994. My business has been online and national/international since 2000. I have studied design at the graduate level, focusing on the designs in antiquity especially in the Mediterranean and southwest Asia. I received my Master of Arts degree in this area of study in March of 2006, but my interests include all cultural genres including modern.

I specialize in designing and sewing costumes for special skating and dance events. Competition outfits for figure skating are my specialty. I have also designed costumes for U.S.F.S.A. testing and practice. For regional U.S.F.S.A. and I.S.I. competitors I have put together outfits with matching jackets.

I create elegant outfits incorporating only the finest fabrics: 100% silk chiffons, stretch velvets, and Austrian crystal.

I will work from your conversation, photo, sketch, catalogue clipping, or music to design and make a costume that is unique for your program, your body and your pocketbook. This is my passion, affordable services that will make your costume or athletic-wear stunning and appropriate. 

Need a costume to go along with ethnic folk music? I research my designs so that they accurately reflect historic or cultural themes. I have done Bavarian festival, Irish dance, Russian, Spanish, Indian and Mandarin costumes and welcome the challenge of costuming any other nationality or dance style!


Mexican Hat Dance freestyle skating dress