My Studio

This is the studio where dresses get created from sketches to the final product. See the finished product


It's all in the details

Here is a close up look at some of the detailed work that goes into the costumes I've created.

detail Ideas

Appliquéing fabrics is going to be easier this winter when I pick up my new sewing machine with lots of stitches!

Crystal Buckles from Swarovski are in and fun. I used a 2” square one on a Billy Idol “Rebel Yell” jazz skirt in pewter, eggplant, black and silver hologram colors.  

Custom dyeing has become part of my repertoire of tricks. I have made black tipped petals for Swan Lake, and pink edged underskirts for a “Waltz of the Flowers” costume.  Because the sweat from performers can react with dyes, I do not recommend hand painting colors on the body of the costume, only on edges of skirts and sleeves. 

Fabulous Fabrics are available this year. I have a very feminine diamond puff mesh in turquoise, lavender and coral with coordinating fabrics. Some great new gold lycras in Shattered glass (hologram), Mystique and Bronze Tye-dye Mist are now available from Action Fabrics & Trim.  Other fabrics too numerous to mention are now available from Your Designs, my main supplier. I also use several of the New York stretch fabric suppliers such as Spandex House and Spandex World. 

Insets galore are still popular this year: in the bodice of dresses, in the midriff of dance leotards, and in Arabian style skating costumes and Under the Sea outfits.

Matching costumes for Build-a-Bear or Sassy Cat have made some of my projects really fun.  I make a small facsimile of your costume for your creature to its measurements.  The cost for this is $35-50.

Recent Projects have included a vested Wild Wild West costume for girl skater, an Under the Sea mermaid outfit, Grinch accessories, a Jungle dress for an acrobatic twirler, a Matrix costume , an into the Woods blue dress and red cape a majorette costume and other fun projects.

Email me about your project!     802-454-8616